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All programs and services are designed to meet the unique needs of everyone served.
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Community Initiatives

Resources, food, and supplies are provided to families in need. Home visitation is used to facilitate and help resolve specific issues and to foster a sense of community.

Each year, Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives’ staff participate in events, giving presentations and promoting the message of non-violence and appropriate community response.

Open Door maintains an on-call street presence where gang activity is prevalent, providing conflict resolution, emotional support and ongoing intervention and mediation.

Monthly meetings are offered to participant’s families to foster effective relationship-building tools, and community-engagement. Incentives are provided to encourage participation.

Open Door’s


The Academic Character Education (ACE) program is an in-school gang prevention initiative designed to instill self-discipline and foster higher-value development among high-risk students enrolled at Wyatt Academy.

The ACE program offers exposure to diverse experiences beyond the urban surroundings and aims to broaden the horizons of student participants by facilitating structured activities such as visits to the Mountains, Denver Zoo, Museum of Nature and Science, Art Museum, local universities, and regional parks.

Flippin’ the Script (FTS) is a re-entry class geared to lower recidivism rates by providing curriculum-based life skills, education, and relationship centered support.

FTS helps gang related parolees to provide support, education, and structure promoting successful reentry into society for gang-affiliated parolees.


Juvenile Youth Violence Prevention (JYVP) is an Out of School (OST) program designed address violent crimes, drugs, and gangs by providing preventive intervention and suppression efforts.

These programs include academic tutoring, job training and placement, counseling and mental health services, and recreational activities that promote healthy lifestyles and positive social interaction.