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Rev. Leon Kelly established Denver’s first gang intervention agency in 1988.

Rev. Leon Kelly

Rev. Leon Kelly

Executive Director

Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives (ODYGA) is a community-based nonprofit organization established in 1988 by Reverend Leon Kelly. Reverend Kelly facilitates the oldest anti-gang program in the Denver Metropolitan Area. As the founder and driving force, he understands the streets and loves the people that many have forgotten. His ministry has changed the course of thousands of lives.


Welcome to Open Door, the leader in community-based programming that addresses the impact of gang activity targeting Northeast Denver’s gang-infested impoverished neighborhoods.

Open Door is dedicated to empowering the community by providing the resources necessary to build a successful future and to help young people make positive choices to avoid gang-related activities. 

Impacting The Community Since 1988

Open Door offers a safe and supportive environment to help individuals avoid gang-related activities and make positive choices.

Members of the Community They Serve

Open Door’s team consists of minorities who possess a direct connection to the at-risk gang culture and lifestyle destroying the communities of Northeast Denver.

Programs & Initiatives

Parent Connection

Participant’s parents/guardians attend monthly staff connection meetings. Incentives are provided to encourage participation.

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Intervention / Mediation

Maintaining an on-call street presence where gang activity is prevalent, along with ongoing intervention and mediation.

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Public Education

Participation in community events to promote the message of non-violence is vital when fostering communal change.

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Community Outreach

Providing resources, food, and supplies to families in need is a fundamental aspect of community support.

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Flippin’ the Script (FTS)

Flippin’ the Script (FTS) is a re-entry class geared to assist gang related parolees. To help lower recidivism rates, curriculum-based life skills, education, and relationship centered support is provided to promote a successful reentry into society.

Academic Charter Education (ACE)

The Academic Charter Education (ACE) program is an in-school gang prevention initiative designed to instill self-discipline and foster higher-value development. Exposure to diverse experiences beyond the urban surroundings seeks to broaden horizons.  

Juvenile Youth Violence Prevention (JYVP)

Juvenile Youth Violence Prevention (JYVP) is an Out of School (OST) program combating crimes, drugs, and gangs using prevention and intervention efforts. High-risk youth  are recommended by the juvenile court system and other community partners.

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Want to Volunteer?

Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives is dedicated to providing high-impact solutions to address the root causes of gang involvement. Whether you’re a senior looking to give back, a student eager to make a difference, or an individual seeking meaningful volunteer opportunities, we have diverse roles tailored for you. Even if you’re fulfilling court-ordered community service, there’s a place for you in our team.