Open Door’s mission and organizational goals are to provide at-risk youth, current and former gang members, and the disadvantaged, underserved population within the community with a plan of action and resolve by continuing to provide:

Positive Impact

Intervene and mediate between rival gangs to reduce the acts of social disorder, violence, and death in the community.

Academic & Character Development (ACE)

After school program designed to educate, guide, and empower at-risk youth against gang recruitment, culture, and lifestyle. Learn More.

Family Support Services

Facilitate a positive collaboration of community involvement,  parental participation, and educational awareness in order to curb gang violence.


Educate the public and the community on civic responsibility and provide positive opportunities and activities  for the at-risk youth so that structured restorative justice can be achieved.

Community Support Services & Resources

Provide the at-risk youth and fromer gang members with means and opportunities for success with our Flippin the Script program. As well as educate them on how to be positive role models for their family and the community. Learn more.

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