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Gang shootings – a kick off to summer…

“A spate of gang shootings to kick off the summer is never a good sign, but it is one police expect.”

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Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives Mourns the Loss of one of Denver’s Finest

This is truly a sad day in Denver.  Officer Hollis’ senseless death is tragic and our condolences go out to her family, friends, and loved one.  Rest in Peace.


Downtown Denver’s Violence Rises Along with the Temperature

Richardson89 writes:

Yesterday, when I was sitting on my porch , I was approached by two men. They started out the conversation light with a “Happy Father’s Day,” then quickly turned to a demanding “give me a cigarette and some of that wine.” When I asked them to leave, it quickly turned into a situation where I was threatened.  Read more here!


There’s a New Church in Town

Reverend Kelly wants “Denver’s kids to know real freedom. I want to witness a partnership to build a better community and a better future. Together we will achieve this. And I know this is just where the work begins for you. Well let’s together help Denver find freedom—and let’s take it right to the mountaintop! God bless each and every one of you.”


Show the Road to a Dead End

Reverend Leon Kelly shared with a small crowd of teens stories about his own experiences in prison and those of the hundreds of young people he’s buried over three decades of activism.  Click HERE to read more!


Reverend Kelly…Gotta Make the Tortillas…

Check out picture #15…what is with that hat!!!