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Crenshaw Mafia Gangster is Suspect in Slaying


Reverend Kelly says Gang Violence is Heading North and South


Gang Presence in Suburbia

Unlike some people, Rev. Leon Kelly wasn’t surprised when he heard Littleton might have had its first gang murder. When he first began his work in the mid-’80s, nobody thought there were gangs in Denver, either.  Continue reading here.


Why Did They Target Fero’s Bar and Kill 5 People?


We Don’t Want Denver to be a Chicago…

What can you do to help the escalating gang violence in Denver?  Go to our homepage and donate now.  The link below is about Chicago.  We usually publish this information in our National Gang News section, but wanted to make sure you saw it.  Take a stand for yourself, your family and your communities.  Help us help the community!


In their words: Community leaders weigh in on gangs in Greeley

Rev. Leon Kelly, founder and executive director of Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives, the oldest anti-gang program in Denver has this to say, “We have some gang members who come from very good two-parent households where the parents bend over backward, and junior just chooses gangs. We’ve always had a core of gang members who are generational, with dad, mothers and brothers (involved), and we’ve also had them coming from families of working parents.”  Read the entire story here.

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