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Pleading for Peace in Chicago Amid Fears of a Bloody Summer

CHICAGO — During Memorial Day weekend, this city reopens its Lake Michigan beaches, regular fireworks displays start at Navy Pier, and the downtown streets and spruced-up Riverwalk are crowded with tourists.

But the holiday weekend is often seen here as the start of heightened violence as well. That has been particularly worrying this year to community leaders and city officials, as they grapple with a rise in gun violence that has traumatized some neighborhoods and left city officials searching for new ways to subdue street crime.

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The Unmaking of a Gang Leading

Listen to this interview with Tay Ramey who speaks about street life to straight life and what made him choose both these paths.

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“Lamonta Ramey was formerly at the top of a large gang and headed what the FBI described as a “multi-state drug empire.” He is now serving a life sentence. In this interview he speaks with brutal openness about the factors that propelled him into a life of crime and the elements that most helped him turn his life around.”

Find out more about Tay Ramey at his website here

Charges filed against 170 motorcycle gang members in Texas


Lack of arrests in recent gang shootings

We completely understand why everyone is up in arms about the lack of arrests concerning the 12 gang-related shootings we’ve seen already this year.  We’re not happy about it either.  But, what this tells us and what it should tell you is that there aren’t enough resources and agencies in Denver that deal with and work with ex- and active gang members to stop the violence.  We’re all so quick to point fingers, but you can’t tackle the problem without addressing the true cause.   We challenge you to name the agencies in Denver that work with active and ex-gang members.  When you find the answer, ask yourself, is that enough to keep my friends and family safe?  If not, consider donating to our organization since we’re the ones that are in the trenches and on the front lines to protect you, your family, and our community.

Soaring gang violence in Denver on track to surpass five-year high


Kids Carrying Guns to School

How is it that children in Grades 6 – 8 are walking around with guns?

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