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Why the Continued Carnage of Young Black New Haveners – Connecticut

A mother’s pain:  “I don’t know about these, these gangs and the colors,” Davis said. “But you guys feel like it’s your family? You remember when Martin Luther King marched? He marched for our freedom? We’re killing each other over crazy things. Why don’t you get up and do something to help yourself? To help

Street Gang RICO Act – Illinois

  Local prosecutors in Illinois now have the power to go after street gangs as criminal organizations, much like the way federal prosecutors often target members of the mob.   Gov. Pat Quinn on Monday signed into law the “Street Gang RICO Act,” which gives state’s attorneys in Illinois similar powers to the federal Racketeer Influenced

Show the Road to a Dead End

Reverend Leon Kelly shared with a small crowd of teens stories about his own experiences in prison and those of the hundreds of young people he’s buried over three decades of activism.  Click HERE to read more!  

Gang Problems Escalating in Schools and Neighborhoods

“There has been an increase of gang activity within the schools, within the neighborhoods,” Kelly says.  Read the entire story here.

Homeboy Industries – California

Very inspiring video about what Homeboy Industries is all about.  Click here to watch the video.

Reverend Kelly…Gotta Make the Tortillas…

Check out picture #15…what is with that hat!!!

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