Every year, we have asked and you have stepped up to help.
Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives, for 35 years, has worked with at-risk youth in Denver’s most impoverished neighborhoods.

 The goal: keep the kids off the streets and out of gangs.

Denver does not have a massive gang problem in large part because of Reverend Leon Kelly, and the hard work he and his team have done over the years with kids. Rev gives these kids guidance, strength, leadership skills, and a hand-up in their education,
We need your help to continue these efforts.
This year, we decided to do something a little different to really impinge on these kids the importance of finding good mentors, making firm goals for success, and having fun at the same time.
This year, Wade Manning with the NFLPA is bringing Bronco alum and other business leaders to Monocao Lanes to spend a few precious hours with these kids.

The event is all about the kid meeting and talking with people who may not have “made it out”  but did because of perseverance and because they had a leader tell them it was possible.
We need your help!

You can donate. If you were a sponsor for last year’s golf tournament, please donate the same sponsorship amount as you did last year (NOTE: these summer events are taking the place of the golf tournament.)
You can be one of the special people who come to bowl and talk with these kids. There are ONLY 40 spots available, so reserve yours now. And of course, you can do both!! We will keep you updated on all happenings this summer!
Thank you for your continual support.
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